Mixed Chakra Stone Set-  Bag of 7 Polished Stones Plus 1 Bonus Stone


Chakras are the energy vortexes within our bodies that distribute life-force energy, Ki in Japanese.  Each Chakra has a specific location recognized on the front of the body but is centered within, connecting the front and the back.  These seven energy wheels affect specific regions of the body.  When they are open and allow the energy to flow properly, we enjoy physical, mental, and spiritual health.  If a Chakra gets blocked it can disrupt the energy flow in one or all of the wheels leading to a disease of the body, spirit or mind. Since each Chakra vibrates on its own color frequency color coordinated stones and crystals can be used.  Self-healing can be performed through meditation or Chakra-opening activities such as yoga which will open the vibrational energy in the seven Chakra points and allow it to flow properly.  By utilizing your color coordinated stones and crystals you can intensify your intent and focus on your Chakra health. Each bag contains 8 stones--one for each Chakra and a bonus stone for added power.

Root Chakra: Establishes our feeling of safety and connection.  Location--at the base of the spine. Mantra--I am. Color-Red.  Crystals colors-red, black, brown, and silver.

Sacral Chakra: Connected to our sexual and reproductive activities along with creativity and our emotions. Location--Two inches below the navel. Mantra--I create/I feel. Color-Orange. Crystals colors-orange and peach.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Connects us with our Inner Warrior and our self-esteem. Location--Two inches above navel. Mantra--I Share/I can. Color-Yellow. Crystals colors-yellow, gold, or amber.

Heart Chakra: Connects our physical and spiritual selves to be in touch with our Higher Self. Location--The center of the chest. Mantra--I love. Color-Green. Crystal colors-greens and pinks.

Throat Chakra: Gives us our true voice and ability to express ourselves. Location--The hollow of the collar bone. Mantra--I speak. Color-Blue. Crystal colors-blues.

3rd Eye Chakra: The center of our intuition, spiritual insight, and wisdom. Location--Between the eyebrows. Mantra--I see. Color-Indigo. Crystal colors-purple and indigo.

Crown Chakra: The source of our connection to our higher self and the Divine. Location--The top of the head. Mantra--I Know. Color-Violet, White, Gold. Crystal colors-clear, iridescent, and white.


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