Healing through beauty

Crystal Ki Water Bottles

Your health starts with hydration while your journey starts with intentions

Water with a cause

Buying with a purpose

Every Subscription Box ordered includes a donation to Water.org which supports clean water initatiaves across the globe.

Plain with a purpose

Earth Centric Shipping

Eco-Friendly Packaging Because We Love Mother Earth Just As Much As You Do!

Here at Nymph Ki we value the beauty within.  This includes the beauty of being a caretaker of Mother Earth. We like to say we are "plain with a purpose".  What you won't get when you receive your package is a beautiful non-recyclable eye-candy bubble wrap envelope, rather a plain brown one made of recycled materials. We are close to our goal of using only 100% eco-friendly packaging, with a focus on compostable packaging and vegetable-based inks. Being proud members of Carbonfund.org  is just one way we try and give back to the world that sustains us.  We offset the carbon footprint of every shipment.