Complete Crystal Ki Water Bottle Collection

$159 $270

Enjoy the benefits and versatility of this complete collection of Crystal Ki Water Bottles. 

Feeling like enhancing your beauty and love? Use your Rose Gold with Rose Quartz Water Bottle.

Feeling like you need a little balance and inner peace?  Use your Stainless Steel and Amethyst Water Bottle.

Feeling like you need to boost your energy and positivity?  Use your Bamboo and Clear Quartz Water Bottle. 

Each Purchase includes a $15 donation to and 3 FREE Jaguar Head Lava Rock and Gold Sand Beaded Bracelets (a $75 value).

Holds 450 ml of liquid.

Stainless steel tea strainer is removable.

Handcrafted, lead-free, borosilicate glass bottle.

Sealed base holds 100 ml of interchangeable, fair-mined, semiprecious, tumbled gemstones.

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Brilliant design crystal bottle!

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