How it all started...

It all started on a stormy night in Hawaii that caused sisters Amberlyn and Sabrina to come up with a brilliant idea. While experiencing a torrential rainstorm, we began to ponder the ways in which the water molecule connects us all. All our lives we have held a distinct appreciation towards nature, beauty, history, and diverse cultures. With hopes of combining these values into a shop where people can focus on the well-being of their mind, spirit, and body, we created Nymph Ki.

The name Nymph Ki was chosen intentionally to honor the forces and spirits that exist beyond us.

Nymph- to honor the water spirit and the human imagination of water fairies and the wonder they possess.
Ki- when translated from Japanese, means “our life force energy”. This universal life force is also known as Qi/Chi in Chinese or Prana is Hinduism. The interconnectedness of all life on earth can be distilled into this concept.

Our commitment to making a difference means constantly looking for ways in which non-profits can benefit from Nymph Ki. We support,,, and the rainforest alliance.

Join us on this cultural and historical journey of functional power objects that inspire acts of intent to stimulate the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.