Rose Gold Crystal Ki Water Bottle with Rose Quartz Crystals and Stainless Steel Tea Strainer

$54 $90

Enhance your health and vitality with this beautiful Rose Gold Crystal Ki Water Bottle.  Allow the rose quartz crystals in the base to vibrationally enhance your water with unconditional love. Rose quartz aids in the discovery of self-love while attracting love, compassion and acceptance. Use this elixir to feel love and beauty throughout your day.

Each Purchase includes a $5 donation to and a FREE Jaguar Head Lava Rock and Gold Sand Beaded Bracelet (a $25 value).

Holds 450 ml of liquid.

Stainless steel tea strainer is removable.

Handcrafted, lead-free, borosilicate glass bottle.

Sealed base holds 100 ml of interchangeable, fair-mined, semiprecious, tumbled gemstones.

Customer Reviews

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Hi Nikki, We are so glad you love your Crystal Ki water bottle and we hope your are feeling better! To use the tea strainer just pull it out of the bottle the twist the lid open like a jar or bottle cap. Do not twist by the handle of the strainer so as not to damage it. Rather hold the top of the strainer and twist counter clock-wise. Once open fill with your favorite tea. One teaspoon of leaves for each cup of water is the general rule. Then just put the strainer back in the bottle and top with hot water. Please be cautious as the glass will be hot to the touch. We hope that answers all of your questions. Nymph Ki
This is the prettiest water bottle ever!

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