Jaguar Head Lava Rock and Gold Sand Beaded Bracelet


This power Jaguar bracelet is FREE with the purchase of any Crystal Ki Water Bottle that includes a $5 donation to

Feel the power of the Jaguar with this light catching beaded bracelet on stretch cord.

Throughout the Americas, the Jaguar has held significant religious and cultural importance.   

Aztecs defined Jaguars as magical animals associated with power, royalty and war. 

Mayan Culture portrayed the God of the Underworld, who ruled the moon and night, as a Jaguar.

Mayans, Incas and Aztecs built temples to the Jaguar as an embodiment of power and ferocity.

Throughout South and Central America, legends of Jaguars portray them as shapeshifters, magicians, warriors and leaders.

There are an estimated 64,000 Jaguars remaining.   Jaguars are an Endangered Species because they are killed for their pelts and for disrupting livestock.  Deforestation is also a threat to the Jaguar. 

8mm beads on stretch cord.


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Cory M.

Cool bracelet.

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