Crystal Kaleidoscopes


With five different colors to chose from you can tailor your healing through beauty to meet your needs.

Kaleidoscopes have been used to entrance the mind with color and beauty for hundreds of years.  Our crystal kaleidoscopes give you the healing power of the crystals through color therapy and active meditation. Kaleidoscopes are clinically recognized to stimulate the right brain, enhance positive mood and encourage play and creativity.

Find a comfortable position and aim the end of the kaleidoscope towards a light source and gently twist the tube to create a dazzling colorful display of endless geometric possibilities.  Let the creativity within you delight at the changes before your eyes.

Kaleidoscopes have color coordinated stones and may contain the following:

Amethyst - Calm, Intuition, Sobriety

Rose Quartz - Love, Beauty, Presence

Clear Quartz  - Clarity, Cleansing, Positivity

Sodalite - Insight, Examination, Connection

Tiger Eye - Harmony, Balance, Strength

Red Aventurine - Forgiveness, Creativity, Renewal

Customer Reviews

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Debra G.
Great piece for my office space

This is such a lovely adult take on a kaleidoscope where it sits beautifully on my desk for others to pick up and look through and gives a moment of breathing and calm to simply enjoy it myself during the workday.

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